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Copier Leasing & Copier Rentals

FBP  cover Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo and most of the Front-Range in Colorado. We offer exceptional copier lease rates with terms of 1-5 years. 

Contact a FBP Representative today to get a free copier lease quote!

Copier leasing rates very from vendor to vendor.  At FBP you will receive the lowest copier lease rates the 1st time! Copier leasing can be confusing, but doesn't have to be.  Approximately, 80% of all copiers are leased and there are various leasing options you have, with zero money down.

Leasing a new or used copier! Call us today and let us show you our low leasing rates on our latest and used copiers. Our representatives will explain every aspect of your copier lease prior to signing.

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Types of Copier Leases:
Fair Market Value Lease:  Leasing a copier can be very beneficial to your business by way of utilizing a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease. A FMV lease give you and your business the option to purchase your copier at the term of the contract at its Fair Market Value.  If you choose not to purchase the copier when the lease expires, it is shipped back to the leasing company and you are free to upgrade to a more up-to-date device.

$1 buy-out Lease: A $1 buy-out copier lease has a higher premium and is considered a "conditional sale" by the IRS.  At the end of a $1 buy-out copier lease the machine will be owned by you.

Renting a Copier: Similar to leasing a copier, FBP has rental options that allow you flexibility in using the copier for as long as you would like.  If you have projects that may take 12-18 months, for example, this may be a good option for you.  Our low copier rental rates vary by device but allows you to be flexible with the time you use it.